The Windmill Soho

17-19 Great Windmill St, W1D 7JZ

Hip Hop & House

11:00PM - 05:30AM


The Windmill Soho transcends the boundaries of a typical British restaurant, offering an extraordinary fusion of live entertainment and exquisite cuisine. Get ready to be mesmerized by a captivating “dinner and a show” experience that transports you to a realm of magic and wonder.

From Wednesday to Saturday, immerse yourself in an awe-inspiring spectacle of never-before-seen performances, accompanied by an immersive dining menu that tantalizes all your senses. The carefully curated show at The Windmill Soho is exclusive to this venue, showcasing a captivating array of acts, including burlesque, magic, circus performances, comedy, and song. Brace yourself for immersive and digital theatre experiences that defy imagination and leave you spellbound.

For an exclusive and intimate atmosphere, venture into Henderson’s, a secretive and alluring cocktail bar beneath the restaurant. Accessible only by invitation, this speakeasy-style haven treats its guests to thrilling live music and entertainment, making it a coveted destination for the discerning.

Step into The Windmill Soho and surrender to a world where the stage knows no limits. This extraordinary fusion of culinary excellence and artistic enchantment celebrates Soho’s vibrant and diverse spirit. Secure your reservation today and prepare to embark on a journey of theatrical delight that will leave an indelible mark on your cherished memories.

Table Prices:

At The Windmill Soho there are two types of tables, The Standard and The VIP. For mixed groups the first one has a price of £1000 minimum spend for groups of up to 10 people, and the VIP is £2000 minimum spend for groups of up to 10 guests.

Dress Code:

The dress code at The Windmill Soho is smart dress. Sportswear and hoodies aren’t allowed. Also, fancy dresses can only be used on specific occasions.


Bottle Menu