Principote Beach Club

Panormos Beach, Mikonos 846 00, Greece

Electronic / House

01:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Located in Panormos, Mykonos, the Principote Beach Club is a haven where raw Mediterranean beauty converges with refined services and luxurious amenities. Set against a backdrop of breathtaking beaches with crystal-clear waters and fine sand, it is more than just a venue—it is the vibrant heart of the Principote Group, welcoming guests to experience the essence of the Principote world. Whether you’re lounging under hand-knit umbrellas, sipping a signature cocktail, indulging in a professional massage, exploring the latest fashion trends at the Agora boutique, or savouring a delectable Mediterranean cuisine dinner while surrounded by mesmerising views at the high-end restaurant, the Principote Beach Club offers a cherished and unparalleled experience. Beyond laid-back summer living, the Principote experience celebrates life in its purest form—an experience that should not be missed. From its legendary parties to its elegant social and corporate events, the unique ambience of Principote, cosmopolitan yet unpretentious, and its seamless and discreet service transform every occasion into a timeless moment that will be forever remembered.

Principote beckons you to indulge in the luxurious summer living Mykonos is renowned for. It presents exquisite seaside dining experiences, exclusive private VIP lounging, joyful celebrations, mesmerising bespoke parties, and unforgettable weddings. Your senses will be flooded with unparalleled personalised services that seamlessly blend. At Principote, nothing is beyond your reach, with a commitment to excellence in leisure and lifestyle. Principote ensures its esteemed guests find serenity, security, and a unique haven filled with delights, surprises, and distinguished services that set it apart.

The Principote restaurant is a culinary delight that goes beyond indulgence. After a sun-soaked day in cosmopolitan Mykonos, treating yourself to a delicious Mediterranean cuisine meal in the elegant ambience of Principote is a must. It is a reward, a well-deserved and satisfying experience that is elegant, surprising, and oh-so-gratifying. Staffed with artisan chefs, master sommeliers, and talented pastry chefs, the Principote Restaurant crafts bespoke dining experiences that create lifelong memories of fine dining and extravagant leisure.