Urbanizacion Villa Parra Palomeras, 68, 29602 Marbella

Electronic, Hip-Hop

12:00 AM - 06:00 AM


Situated in the heart of Marbella, Momento is a truly unique destination for music enthusiasts seeking a transcendent experience. This temple of music brings people together to connect, share, and worship music. It transports you to a new reality where the rhythm of the present moment holds profound significance.

Approaching Momento, you’ll be mesmerized by the enchanting beauty of lush greenery and towering palm trees surrounding the entrance. The tropical ambience continues inside, enhancing the sophisticated zeitgeist of the club. From cascading waterfalls against stone walls to exquisite arabesque-inspired chandeliers, guests succumb to the sophisticated charm of Momento. It has become the ultimate choice for those seeking a luxurious clubbing experience.

Momento is the haven for energy-seekers craving the unparalleled vibe that only world-famous DJs can deliver. It is a torchbearer for exceptional clubbing experiences across various music genres, from hip-hop to EDM. The DJ booth at Momento sets the stage for the finest beats, where renowned artists like Black Coffee, Luciano, and Marco Carola have graced with their presence.

To elevate its status in the competitive nightlife industry, Momento hosts extravagant-themed parties that have gained worldwide acclaim. Events like the Homiés Party and Carnival attract guests from around the globe, enticing them to book flights to Spain for an unforgettable experience.

Before entering Momento, adhering to the club’s strict dress code is crucial. Embrace elegance, whether in a glamorous dress or a timeless tuxedo. As a high-end establishment, Momento’s dress policy focuses on sophistication and prohibits sportswear or overly casual attire.