Koko Club

1a Camden High St, London NW1 7RE


10:00 PM - 05:00 AM


Located at Camden High Street, Koko Club thrives in a neighbourhood steeped in punk culture. This captivating nightclub celebrates individuality and personal style, making it a must-visit destination for those who appreciate energetic music and vibrant crowds.

Koko Club opens its doors from Sunday to Thursday nights, typically staying open until around 4 am. Each night presents a unique gig, live show, performance, or party. 

The music scene at Koko Club is captivating and diverse. While the club primarily focuses on indie-alternative music, it also showcases a range of genres, including disco, hip hop, rock, cheese, and drum and bass. Live gigs and performances take place every night, featuring talented artists and DJs.

Regarding the dress code, Koko Club embraces a liberating approach. The diverse partygoers are encouraged to express their unique tastes and styles. The only attire not permitted is business or office formal wear.

As an indie-alternative club, Koko Club embraces an age policy that admits guests aged 18 and above. Carrying a valid ID within the club premises is essential, as the bars reserve the right to request identification before serving drinks.

For those seeking an exclusive experience, Koko Club offers an exceptional VIP area. Opting for VIP table and bottle service lets you enjoy personalised attention and indulge in fantastic drinks throughout the night.

Table Prices:

We can arrange the party per your requirement if you book the Koko table with us. Standard Table starts from £2K

Dress Code:

Jeans, shorts, trainers and caps are all allowed, however, we do not allow fancy dress or business suits.


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