Fabrika Mykonos Windmills area Mykonos Town, 846 00, Greece

Electronic / House

06:00 PM - 01:00 AM


Bagatelle Mykonos goes beyond being just a restaurant, offering an authentic and immersive experience that pays homage to the golden age of the French Riviera. Located in the vibrant heart of Fabrika, Sunset Plaza is a captivating destination that combines exquisite dining and upscale entertainment in an al fresco setting overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the breathtaking Aegean sunset.

With its three distinct concepts—Bagatelle Mykonos, Sunset Bar and Lounge, and ITA—you can choose the experience that suits your desires. Embracing the spirit of “La Joie De Vivre,” which is the main inspiration behind all Bagatelle venues, Sunset Plaza is dedicated to epicureans who appreciate the authentic pleasures of life and the myriad of flavours it offers.

Indulge in an extraordinary dining experience at Bagatelle Mykonos, where every sense is awakened. The restaurant’s new menu, carefully curated by Bagatelle’s Corporate Executive Chef, Rocco Seminara, takes you on a delectable journey, celebrating the flavours of French and Mediterranean cuisine.

The venue exudes elegance and opulence, with nature playing a significant role in its décor. The interior design features custom-made furniture crafted from delicately varnished wood, reminiscent of luxurious Riva boats, adorned with cheerful yellow and blue textiles. The colour palette pays homage to the sun, sea, and sand, with Bagatelle’s signature blue shade making a prominent appearance. The terracotta floor adds a unique brightness, complemented by stone or marble inlays reminiscent of the magnificent villas in the South of France.

Situated at the heart of Bagatelle Sunset Plaza, the Sunset Lounge is the perfect spot for a romantic pre-dinner experience with small bites while marvelling at the stunning Mykonian sunset overlooking the Aegean Sea.